It is a great pleasure to look back on the successful development and aspirations beginning with the establishment of Asgar Ali Hospital a couple of years back in 2016. I also feel very proud and excited to see the success story of the rising Asgar Ali Hospital in a very short period of time. Now as a successful growing healthcare provider we would like to continue to grow. On the eve of establishing Asgar Ali Medical College, our motivation is to produce highly skilled medical professional to cater to the needs of the health sector of the country. Education is the admittance to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today, so there will be no room for compromise with the quality of medical education in this institution. We would like to provide the community with a bunch of physicians not just skilled with the most contemporary medical knowledge but also compassionate in treating human emotions and conditions. More than just rendering quality education, we will endeavour to see our students grow academically, professionally and socially to compete with future needs. So we aim at providing a sound medical education and would provide emphasis on skills that are blended with medical ethics and human attributes.

I wish to see Asgar Ali Medical College students stand out in their workplaces anywhere in the globe. To see the dream come true we are committed to provide necessary guidance, leadership, talented faculty, all available advanced facilities and proficient training programmes. We are on a journey to augment the creativity, individuality, knowledge, expertise and leadership ability to give them the competitive edge over other medical professionals of similar type of institutions.

I can’t wait longer to see the Asgar Ali Medical College campus bustling with the footfalls of first batch of future doctors from this academic year.

May almighty Allah bless us all in this noble journey of making of the future professional doctors.

MD. HASAN Chairman Governing Body, Asgar Ali Medical College